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    LouisVuitton Application Format Empty LouisVuitton Application Format

    Post by Desolate on Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:43 am

    Welcome To LouisVuitton!

    We do not accept people that do not have a good relationship with some members in the guild.

    Before you start what guild are you applying for LVstory or LV:

    1. IGN:(Please write any/all previous IGN's/Accounts)

    2. Real Name:

    3. Class:

    4. Level:

    5. 4th job skill points: (Maxed or Not)

    BASE ability points :
    STR :
    DEX :
    INT :
    LUK :

    6. Range or Magic Attack[CLEAN]:

    7. Country/Timezone of Activity:

    8. Level of Activity: (Hour(s) per day)

    9. Current Guild:

    Past Guild(s):

    10. Why you left or are leaving your guilds:

    11. How did you find out about LouisVuitton's application and forum:

    People you know in the guild FOR MORE THAN 1-3 weeks:

    12. In several sentences please tell us why you want to join LouisVuitton/LVstory:

    Do you have a Horntail Necklace : (Yes or No)
    -If YES, has it been scrolled with an egg? :

    13. In a couple of sentences what can you do for the guild:

    State your current base HP :
    Do you plan on HP washing for Pink Bean? : (Yes or No)

    15. Do you have your full account info:

    16. How many other people know your account info and who:

    17. Will you get ventrilo if you we need you to: (Tell us if you do not know what it is)

    18. Additional info about you: (State whether you lag in zak or HT, or if your computer can tolerate bossing. Also tell us something you would like to share in and out of maple Razz)

    -Are You Married? if Yes with Who [ign]

    19. Guild rules : http://elchin.11.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=356
    I agree to the guild rules and I know that there will be punishment(s) if I do not follow them. (Yes/No)

    After all of these questions have been completed, send your application to louisvuitton.guild@live.com
    Make the subject of your email "LouisVuitton Application"

    Application Process:

    • Send an e-mail to louisvuitton.guild@live.comwith the subject "LouisVuitton Application"

    • The moderators of the guild review your application and if you fit the requirements above your application will be moved to a private section for guild vote.

    • The guild has a maximum of 1-2 weeks to vote on your application.

    • If more than 20% of the votes are against your application, you will be rejected but you can always try again later.

    • If you get accepted you will be invited by a junior or master of the guild.

    • Please understand we add people based on the guild's needs.

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